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Workshops & Courses

Casey offers workshops and courses on many topics for youth, adults, and older adults. Below are a few examples of previous workshops, but normally, workshops and courses are curated by the attendees or parents to fit the specific needs of the writers. Casey is an expert in differentiation and relationship building, which allows her students and clients to write freely in their own voices about who they are and what matters to them.


Workshops are available virtually or in person within the DMV area.

Workshops for Middle &
High School Students

In her work with teens, Casey has always used creativity to build confidence, improve writing skills and critical thinking, and design joyful learning experiences. In these workshops, Casey will work with teachers to focus the workshop on beneficial skills or subject matters that work with the student's current learning. Students will create their own writing pieces and share them at an open mic at the session's close.

Homeschool Independent Studies & Classes

Homeschooled students can work with Casey in independent studies and courses in writing, Latin, English, memoir, gender studies, mythology, or curated topics determined through conversation with the students and parents. These courses are offered virtually, though meeting in person is an option if the students are local to the DC area. Please reach out with details and anticipated needs for rates.

Workshops for Older Adults

Casey has worked with older adults throughout the DMV area, in person and virtually, to use poetry and creativity to engage memory and sensory awareness and create joyful spaces of creative expression. Casey co-creates with the groups to generate community poems or leads participants through individual poems and culminates the sessions in an open mic at the end where we celebrate the unique, wisdom-filled voices of the community.

Workshops for Organizations

These workshops are for organizations looking for work on team-building, best practices for grounding, balance, and mental health, DEI, accessibility, or new ways to approach work tasks creatively. Casey will work with the coordinators to tailor the workshop to the organization's needs and create a meaningful experience that produces individual and organizational growth.

On Task Creativity:
Habits for Writing & Revision

One of the most common issues with writers is getting stuck (or not starting) despite desire and good intentions. In this workshop, we will discuss strategies for keeping the movement going in a joyful way, revision, and have writing time to create individualized strategies based on your needs.

Telling Our Stories

We grow and heal through the stories we tell about ourselves and others. In this workshop, we will use pre-writing techniques to structure and begin memoir projects.

Show Don't Tell:
A Sensory Imagery Workshop

If a poem is a “feeling on a page,” as Rita Dove says, then the world needs poems that paint those feelings. In this workshop, we will structure writing around the engagement all five senses to create emotional engagement.

Letters to Cupid:
A Love Poem Writing Workshop

Donika Kelly said that a great love poem is about “reaching.” In this workshop we will put that reach onto the page to craft love poems of all kinds.

Project Editing Packages

Individual session packages are available for revision work on academic or creative writing. Please use the contact form to tell Casey about your project and needs to determine rates.

College & Graduate School Application/Essay Packages

This workshop is for students applying for college or graduate school who need support in crafting compelling applications, including personal narratives/statements and writing samples. We will go over best practices, brainstorm, and have drafting time to begin our essays. The package includes 3 one-hour individual sessions for active essay work.

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