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Anxiety Press (forthcoming)

"Bipolar Lady's Prayer (to Dymphna)" (Video)

2024 PRIDE Poem-A-Day, curated by Kim Roberts & Jon Gann

"What Persephone Taught Me"

The Closed Eye Open, Issue X

"Circular Insanity" and "Erratic Thermostat"

"Creative Muse," Oyster River Pages

"Unravel This: My Year of Madness"

A Thin Slice of Anxiety

"What Persephone Taught Me" (Video)

2023 PRIDE Poem-A-Day, curated by Kim Roberts & Jon Gann

"The Mirrors of Lady Macbeth"


"Calliope Teaches Me How to Write" and "Manic Depressive Cycles"


"No Leaves in Winter" and "Breathe"

"Glorious Defiance," Sinister Wisdom 125

"Naming Assault"

You Might Need to Hear This

"The Graces Teach Psyche the Origins of Oppression"


"Sonnet for a Raccoon at Dawn"

Finalist, Wingless Dreamer Midsummer's Eve Poetry Contest

"Psyche Has Nightmares," "Psyche Learns Her Father Will Sacrifice Her," "Vesta Lights the Trees on Fire," and "Psyche Sees Proserpina Trapped in Dis"

"Hidden Realms, vol. 2," Horrorscope

"Cross Dressing: Ancient and Modern Reappropriations of Homosexual Identity"

The Comparatist 37

"We're Not Through Yet: The Patrick Bateman Debate"

The Comparatist 36

"Trapped in Tears: The Silence of Thetis"

In Cultural Perspectives on Language, Literature, and Film (Ed. Lehman and Grieb)

"Writing My Way Back to Myself" and "Writing with Catullus"

In Bettman, R., ed. Why We Write. Day Eight

"Manic Depressive Cycles"

Bourgeon (Print edition, forthcoming)

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