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Casey Catherine Moore’s writing coaching offers individualized, trauma-informed, and strengths-based strategies to support writing goals—whether the goal is to work through trauma through expressive writing, create a self-reflective journaling habit for mental health, or start, edit, or finalize a specific writing project.


Casey has sixteen years of experience in education at the secondary, college, and older adult levels and has helped writers gain self-awareness and healing through expressive writing. In addition, she has successfully helped students and clients with their formal writing at all levels on a diverse range of projects, including poetry manuscripts, chapbooks, zines, academic writing, memoirs, college and graduate school applications, fiction writing, and fantasy.


Casey’s specialties are personalized learning and differentiation, especially for neurodivergent writers, trauma-informed practices, intersectional feminism(s), dis/ability, and comparative practices.


The rate for coaching ranges from $175-$225, depending on the nature of your project and established feedback/editing time. Coaching includes continuous email support, feedback, and editing throughout your project. If you think you would benefit from coaching and the rate is not manageable for you at this time, please reach out about sliding scale options.

Individual coaching is for you if you:

  • Have an idea for a writing project but need help getting started

  • Are working on a writing project and need support meeting a deadline

  • Have been working on a writing project for a while and need help finishing

  • Know you could use your time more wisely

  • Need to break old patterns that hold you back

  • Want to incorporate journaling and reflective writing for your mental health and well-being

  • Are ready to work in nurturing and mutually beneficial ways

  • Want to do work that effects change and challenges old paradigms


In working with Casey, you will receive:

  • The writing process that works for you

  • Stress reduction techniques

  • Goal setting and strategizing

  • Time management skills

  • Mindfulness training

  • Clarity tools

  • Editing and revision support

For a free consultation, use the Contact Form to get in touch


“Casey Moore has a unique ability to hold space for those who are dealing with stress and trauma or who simply want to use writing in a more effective way as they also navigate mental health or diversity issues. She is a wise guide and gentle teacher who encourages the best in each person on their writing journey. In my experience after twenty years in the business, I can honestly say that her writing coaching and group classes are life-changing and life-enhancing.”

Dr. Cassie Premo Steele, Poet & Author

"Casey can bring words to life! Her work paints a picture that speaks directly to the soul. She is compassionate and sensitive to all my needs with writing, never hesitating to develop a plan that works just for me. Her level of expertise makes her a perfect fit for one-on-one training or group-guided discussions. Thank you, Casey, for all you do!" 

Imani Carter, LPGC

"Working with Dr. Casey Moore as a writing coach was magical. She helped me find my voice as a writer and clearly articulate my ideas. I highly recommend her for anyone who struggles with written expression or needs help staying focused with a writing goal."

Eliza Derick, Artist & Lesley University Graduate Student

"Casey Catherine Moore has helped me dig deep and amplify the resonance of my poetry. She sees strengths but also room for growth. She brings a rich knowledge of literature and mythology. This foundation is fortified by a searching intersectional analysis of oppression and collective liberation. Casey is a gem and a genius."

David Thurston AKA BYPO PHOENIX, Poet

“Working with Dr. Casey Moore has been absolutely wonderful.  She is a patient and kind instructor, and extremely supportive of even unconventional projects.  She prioritizes inclusivity, and is nothing but understanding and flexible, especially when it comes to accommodating difficult scenarios.  Casey is upbeat and helpful, and is skilled at creating professional and efficient plans while focusing on and encouraging the enjoyment of the craft itself necessary not just for success at the task and to achieve emotionally rewarding results.  She possesses considerable expertise at the subject, and her help has been quintessential for me."

Artemis Scratch, Writer

"Dr. Moore is an excellent writing coach. In my professional time with her, she had over 200 students who she coached and mentored, and they were able to produce some of the most expressive and creative poetry I have seen students write in my almost 20 years in education. Dr. Moore co-led our slam poetry team, and students from that team performed at Busboys & Poets and other venues, placed in Comcast's Juneteenth Contest, and competed at the 2022 Capturing Fire Festival, where KIPP students placed in every category. Much of their success can be attributed to the excellent coaching work

Dr. Moore gave them."

Rebecca Sinclair

Associate Director of Student Support and Compliance


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